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Tabla - The Best Mystic Percussion
Tabla - The Best Mystic Percussion

Tabla - The Best Mystic Percussion   Описание

If you do play, or never had touched a percussion before, but always wanted tp learn, this app will you help realize your dream! Get to know: the best and most complete percussion app on Google Play.

Playing it is very simple, the app simulate a real Indianan percussion kit on screen of your phone/tablet. To play, just tap your finger on the drum pads and the instrument’s sound plays simultaneously.

The Real Drum comes with 10 rhythm lessons for you to learn how to play. Also comes with 9 super cool loops to play along like: Sarod, Sitar and Tanpura.

A fun, lightweight and very practical to use app. Excellent for anyone who wants study or play the drums without making too much noise or taking up too much space.

Tabla is percussion musical instruments Hindu, a lot of uses in India, normally in devotional or meditative musics. Also known Arabic, darbukkah, darbouka or dumbak percussion.

Easy to use, play it anytime to practice and test your skills!

Also lets to play live music!

Check out the details of the Table app:
- Exclusive Multitouch
- 12 pads
- Studio Audio Quality
- 10 examples of super fun rhythms with tutorial
- 9 styles of super loops to play together
- Recording mode
- High fidelity percussion kit
- Export your MP3 recordings
- Works in all screen resolutions - Telephones and Tablets (HD Images)
- Free App

The app is free, but you can remove all ads buying a license!

Try it and have fun with the best and most complete percussion indian app on Google Play!
Made for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners.

Touch & play!
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