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PokEvolver - Pokemon Go Trainers Toolkit- evolution calculator, pokemon location MAP coordinates, gym battle simulator, IV calculator   Description is an app based around lip-sync videos . It's a social app, similar to Instagram but for sharing short videos, called musicals , mainly of users lip-syncing to popular songs and quotes. Lip sync for your life is free, and you sign up for an account using your Facebook or Twitter credentials. From there, you can check out popular and new musicals on and make your own . is nicely flexible when it comes to creating. The obvious way to record is to choose a song, then lip sync over it . But you can also upload a video you already recorded and set it to music. You can cut any track to get just the part you want - and videos can last up to 15 seconds.
You can lip sync at normal speed, or use effects to make something more interesting to watch. Epic plays the song super fast, so the resulting video looks like slow-motion. In contrast, Lapse plays the song extremely slowly, so you seem to be lip-syncing super-quickly. After effects
Once you've finished recording, you can for apk download add more effects. There are a handful of filters to choose from, and some time features - you can reverse your video and add a time trap for dramatic effect. Give your clip a name and hashtag, then share it on and also Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.
The social aspect of is very Instagram. You can search for people to follow , and encourage friends to follow you. Musicals appear in a feed , and you can like them just as you do on Instagram. Hashtags also play a big part in - you can check out what's popular with hashtags, and record your own versions of what's trending. Nothing but lip sync is a very well designed app for making fun lip syncing videos. It's easy to learn, and you can get lots of ideas immediately from other users. There's very much a teenage-vibe to the community, which can make it a bit alien for adults. Despite being a bit of a one-trick-pony , it does its trick well, and is a useful app to have when you want to create a short video that's a bit different .
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