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Ding Smart Doorbell
Ding Smart Doorbell

Ding Smart Doorbell   Описание

Ding Smart Doorbell connects you to visitors at your front door. Whether you’re away on business or just in the garden, use our simple app to speak and listen to visitors.

You need a Ding Smart Doorbell to use this app.

| Speak and Listen to Visitors |
Receive voice calls on your smartphone with two-way, encrypted audio.

| Know When Someone is at Your Door |
The Activity Record shows you when visitors pressed your doorbell.

| Choose Your Notifications |
You decide when you receive voice calls or pop-up alerts.

Wherever you are, tell the person at your front door . . .

“I’ll be home in five minutes”
“Leave the parcel in the porch”
“Hang on - I’m in the garden”
“I just got him off to sleep. I’ll let you in - quietly!”
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