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Ethan Allen inHome
Ethan Allen inHome

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Add gorgeous, beautifully rendered 3D images of Ethan Allen furniture to your rooms using our augmented reality app. We deliver the highest possible image resolution while still providing a speedy and seamless 3D room design experience. Ethan Allen inHome’s free interior design app is like having an Ethan Allen design studio right in your home.
Customize products, arrange configurations, and preview Ethan Allen products for size and scale from the comforts of your own home. Save your designs and share with friends, family, or your local Ethan Allen Designer!

oMake sure the room is well lit and launch the app
oBrowse the Ethan Allen category listings, then select a product to view in home
oAim your device at your feet and scan an open area of the floor by moving your device camera around
oTap the “Place” button. Use one finger to drag item around, use two fingers on the blue shadow to rotate
oRepeat to add more products

Bonus: Free Professional Interior Design Help!
Friends are fantastic, but they may not be interior design pros—and that's where Ethan Allen comes in. Our professional designers can review your inHome images and take your ideas to a whole new level. Take Freeze Frames of your space and show them to a designer, either in your local Design Center or via email.

Love a product?
Click the “more info” button and connect to our website to learn more and place an order!
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