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Impossible Mini Golf Club - Golf Star 201   Снимки экрана

Impossible Mini Golf Club - Golf Star 201
Impossible Mini Golf Club - Golf Star 201

Impossible Mini Golf Club - Golf Star 201   Описание

An easy to pick mini golf game that will indulge you into the beautiful game of golf. Bring out the mini golfer in you and feel like the pro golfers like tiger woods, Rory Mcllroy and Brooks koepka. The aim is to navigate the golf ball through obstacles, find the shortest path to the hole. Firing your shot is much easier than ever. Just drag and release to hit the ball like playing pool. Missing the shot or hitting the ball to hard will make the ball bounce over the fence and into the water. Just like many mini golf games make sure the ball finds the hole in this beautiful, amazing minigolf game. Complete all the 18 holes and see if you have the best score in this fun anime miniature golf game.

This free mini golf game with amazing and incredible 3D effects and mesmerizing scenes of nature will keep you playing impossible mini golf king. Play against the world of pro golfers and unlock new achievements to open upgraded golf clubs, your sports players’ strength and abilities. Download this free to play golfing extravaganza. Select from different golf courses modeled according to the famous mini golf courses of the world. Take on impossible challenges to achieve trophies and progress along. So if you want to relax with a nice game of mini golf, instantly addicting and impossible mini golf game then this will be the best game for you. Start your epic tour in the quest to be the next impossible mini golf king.

Impossible mini golf king features:

- Stunning graphics across multiple locations.
- Wind, lie and strategy all create the experience of a real golf course.
- One finger touch and simple action to hit the ball.
- Upgrading your golfing abilities for better capabilities.
- Progress through more advanced stages all the way to the top
- Free to download on Google play store.
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