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Последняя версия: Mine Craft
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My Craft Block Exploration   com.minecraft.minicraft.pixelcraft.topcraft.survival.buildingcrafting.wordcraft   Сведения о приложении

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My Craft Block Exploration   Снимки экрана

My Craft Block Exploration
My Craft Block Exploration

My Craft Block Exploration   Описание

My Craft Block Exploration - последняя версия 1.13 с множеством новых режимов: многопользовательская игра, выживание, создание и разведка

My Craft Block Exploration is the latest version 1.13 with many new modes: Multiplayer, Survival, Crafting and Exploration

Welcome to My Craft Block Exploration. Craft building the world is endless, you will never feel boring. Multi crafting you can survive in wild survival mode or you can also stay with friends in multiplayer mode.

My Craft Block Exploration with Exploration modes: My craft survival play with pets. My craft 2018 adopt a dog, a cat or even an elephant. Micro craft unlike other block games, there are no monsters in Block Craft you can focus on constructing the best buildings or exploring the world.

My Craft Block Exploration with Multiplayer modes: Micro craft you can visit the city built by your friends and help them finish their construction.

My Craft Block Exploration with Creative modes: Turbo craft create with unlimited resources and create what is possible in this game. Craft adventure create your world with castles, palaces and farms. Micro craft grow unique animals that are not in other games. Make weapons and armor to protect against dangerous mobs.

In My Craft Block Exploration players can create and build a house, grow vegetables or organize a battle with various types of blocks in a three dimensional open world. Multi crafting an increasing number of mods and texture packs allow players to personalize the game in different ways

My Craft Block Exploration features
- Micro craft 3 modes: Multiplayer, survival and Creative
- Multiplayer mode with the real people online
- Creative mode to set your imagination free
- Turbo craft 15 great predefined maps on the server to get started with creative single player
- My crafting very realistic gameplay
- Multiplayer craft huge world to explore
- Craft building a great number of monsters and animals
- My craft 2018 battles with other players in real time
- Various biological communities
- Multi crafting gather resources to survive
- Block craft fight your enemies
- Construction of kingdoms with farms, quarries and many others

Dowload My Craft Block Exploration now. It which was created just for you!
Have fun playing the game.

- Шахтерское ремесло
- Мое ремесло
- Мой многопользовательский режим
- Мое выживание
- Мой промысел
- Игра для детей
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