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NAS nano
NAS nano

NAS nano   Описание

Brought to you by the Nebulas team, NAS Nano is the official mobile wallet for the Nebulas network. Secure and user-friendly, this wallet can be used by anyone to manage their digital assets.

1. Features

- Safe, secure and powerful wallet
- Support for NAS tokens on the Nebulas mainnet
- Convenient for creating, importing and exporting wallets

2. User-friendly design and free to use

- Reliable digital asset management
- Secured local storage for private key
- Supports a variety of digital wallets
- Mnemonic key backups to prevent loss

3. Multifunctional, with clear information for better digital asset management

- Track transaction progress in real-time
- Easily check your account balance
- Clear transaction and asset records
- Available in multiple languages
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