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"Create your own OC (Original Character)!
You can create the loveliest OCs and save them!

◆Various Items for Character Customization!
You can create various OCs with a wide range of colorful items.
New items are being updated constantly!
Please let us know if there is a certain design you want! We will make them!

◆ New! Now Supporting Characters!
You can make lovely OCs too!
Just tap Settings Icon on the top right > Change Concept!

◆ You Can Take Photos and Save Them!
You can take photos by using 'Capture'!
Various filters will make them even lovelier~

◆Add Lines with Speech Balloons!
Use Speech Balloons to make your own Webtoon-like scenes!

[Save Storage Access Permission]
Permission is required to save captured in-game screenshots to mobile devices.
You may still use the app without granting permission, but some features may not function properly."
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