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Preciouspoint Cattery
Preciouspoint Cattery

Preciouspoint Cattery   Описание

This app is an ad free app. This app has been created to make accessing PreciousPoint Cattery Easy. This app helps the user understand PresciousPoint Cattery more and access more in depth information a useful map finder. You can use the map finder for many other locations.

Preciouspoint is a small cattery located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada,

We are registered with Canadian Cat Association, Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association.
We only bring the best pedigree cats into our program which required a lot of time and research. This ensures only high quality Oriental cats are placed in loving homes.

Our breeding program focuses on health, personality, and beauty so to ensure this we raise and socialise our kittens underfoot and our cats are treated and live as family members..

We are very experienced and We ship kittens and cats. Our cats have been shipped to Canada and U.S.A. We imported kittens from over seas.

This app has been tested. The apps performance is based on your phones performance. The app has been modified to the user so the user can use both landscape and portrait layout.
This app supports only 9262 Devices, Please send me feed back if you are having trouble on your device and what device you are using with errors.

This App Has Been Signed By Cattery Developer.
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