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Reasily - EPUB Reader
Reasily - EPUB Reader

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A simple and handy EPUB reader. Highlight text, write notes and sync data across Android devices. No ADs.

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Pro upgrade for:
⚫ Auto backup and synchronization for notes and bookmarks.
⚫ More highlight styles: bold, strike-through, text color (now in free trial).
⚫ CSS customization.
⚫ 30 day money back guarantee.

Basic operation:
⚫ Click "+" or "search"(a folder icon with a magnifier) button at the bottom to add EPUB files into this app. If you toggle the link icon (looks like a pill) at the top of the file chooser, files will be added without copied to Reasily's own folder.
⚫ Open multiple books simultaneously as if they are different apps. You can switch between opened books and book list with the recent apps button at the bottom or your device.
⚫ Swipe left/right to next/previous chapter or page.
⚫ Table of contents is in drawer menu, it is expandable/collapsable.
⚫ Display options: sepia/night theme, custom font, margins and line-height adjustment, text justification, popup footnote position.
⚫ Scale text size with fingers (pinch-zoom gesture).
⚫ Toggle full screen by double tap (optional).
⚫ Click image to enlarge it and show its description. Scale image with fingers.
⚫ On Android N & above or Samsung devices, you can read books in float windows or split views.
⚫ The current reading progress is saved automatically when you close the book.
⚫ A book can be closed by long-pressing the back button or tapping "Close" in the menu.

⚫ You can bookmark current chapter, selected text or clicked paragraph.
⚫ Bookmarks are listed above the table of contents in the drawer menu, so you can create your own table of contents with bookmarks.
⚫ In the bookmark edit dialog, swipe a bookmark left or right to delete it. You can also reorder them by dragging the reorder handles at the left.

(Not supported on Android 4.0 devices)
⚫ Long-click to select text.
⚫ Click color and styles to highlight selected text.
⚫ Click "Note" button to write a note belong to the highlight.
⚫ Click highlighted text again to show the note. (If a note is associated with the highlight, a square is showed after it.)
⚫ Font size of pop-up note box can also be scaled by pinch-zoom gesture.
⚫ Click "Notes" at the top of table of contents to show list of highlights and notes in book. On the bottom panel, you can choose which colors are showed in the list.

Data synchronization:
⚫ "Sync now": Manually backup and sync highlights, notes and bookmarks to Google Drive.
⚫ "Auto-sync data": Sync automatically. (Pro feature)
⚫ "Import from another EPUB": TRY to import annotation data from another EPUB. Use this on the new version of a publication. May not success if the epub is changed a lot.

Use downloaded fonts:
⚫ Supported font formats: TTF and OTF.
⚫ In Typeface → Folder, choose the folder containing fonts, all fonts in it will be listed in the Typeface menu, including those in subdirectories.
⚫ Fonts are listed by font families rather than file name.
⚫ If font files in the folder are changed, click ↻ to refresh the list.
⚫ To forcefully group fonts as a font family, put them in a subdirectory and add a '@' to the end of directory name. This is useful for Google Noto fonts.

Other features:
⚫ Full-text search.
⚫ EPUB3 MathML support.
⚫ EPUB3 Media overlay support for books with audio.
⚫ Able to send EPUB files to other apps(e.g. Google Drive).
⚫ Able to receive EPUB files sent from another app(e.g. a file manager app or Google Drive).
⚫ Option to store imported files in SD card (Android 4.4+).
⚫ Add book shortcut to home screen.
⚫ Book categorization.
⚫ Pin selected books to top.
⚫ Support right-to-left writings and vertical right-to-left layout books on Android 5.0 and above.

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