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Последняя версия: 37.2.9
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Way Craft: Exploration Master   Снимки экрана

Way Craft: Exploration Master
Way Craft: Exploration Master

Way Craft: Exploration Master   Описание

This game is created for those who love unlimited adventures and beautiful graphics. Here you will find many new opportunities for crafting and make many new unexpected discoveries.
There is complete freedom of action. Learn new lands. Explore new towns and villages. Meet the locals. Build your own city.
In this game there are a huge number of items and resources. Here you will meet many different wild animals. Hunting, fishing, breeding domestic animals, grow a lot of different vegetables and fruits. But beware of enemies and protect your house at night.
Also be ready for rain and snow. The weather in the game is very changeable.
With this game you will never be bored!

Thank you for choosing our game. Support the development of our games. Put five stars - this is very important for developers. And wait for new interesting updates in the game.

- easy and convenient operation
- suitable for all modern devices
- beautiful graphics
- many new opportunities and objects
- Multiplayer
- hunting and fishing
- absolutely free
- automatically generated worlds
- for all ages
- change of day and night, weather change
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