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Скачать PS4 Remote Play 2.0.0 APK Бесплатно

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PS4 Remote Play 2.0.0. APK для загрузки требует, чтобы ваше устройство имело минимально Android версию системы 4.4.
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Как инсталировать APK и ХАРК (ZIP) файлы:
Если у вас есть только файл APK - просто сделайте шаг 3.
XAPK - это ZIP-архив файла APK и файла данных OBB для игр большого размера размером более 100 Мб. Если у вас нет xapk-installer, вы можете сделать следующие шаги:

  • Если у вас есть файл XAPK - переименуйте его в ZIP-расширение.
  • Разархивируйте его на свой жесткий диск. Теперь у вас есть файлы APK и OBB.
  • Скопируйте и установите APK-файл на Android-устройство.
  • Затем скопируйте файл .obb с именем «com.gameXXXXXXXX.obb» на ваш смартфон:
Примечание: Для передачи файлов .apk и .obb подключите Android устройство к USB-порту компьютера с помощью USB-кабеля.

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PS4 Remote Play apk download: You can now use to download PS4 Remote Play apk latest the device's built-in microphone for voice chat in parties or in games.

5 stars: PS4 Remote Play apk download - Love it. However I purchased a Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.9 controller for a more mobile feel. Is there anyway I can get support for this controller? Just asking. I only purchased a ps4 only for mobile game play. I don't have the ps4 connected to a TV and I only use it for its remote play features. Whether it be through my vita, pstv, or Xperia z3. A compact remote to go along with 2 of the 3 devices I just mentioned would be great. My Xperia z3 compact is my go to device for gaming. Js #Sony
3 stars: PS4 Remote Play apk download - I love being able to play my Ps4 Pro on my mobile. Got the XZ Primium and works great. My issues are why oh why can't you open this up to work on 4g. It uses less data the Netflix for the same amount of time used. Wish it would work, as others have stated. My 4g is stronger than WiFi with only 30ms ping so more than fast enough. Second issue, please add other mobile controller support. I have a Moga Pro that works great on other games, but, if I want to use this I have to have my DS4. Please don't limit us to the DS4
5 stars: - Remote play works well for me at home. Ps4 needs to be connected via LAN and phone needs to be connected to 5ghz WiFi at a minimum speed of 867Mbps as this is the Xperia Z5s max speed. Location services must be turned off. For playing away from home, strong internet connection is required on both ends. When this criteria is met then the remote play feature is excellent.
3 stars: - This app could has the potential to be the best thing since siced bread, but with the lack of any availability to play over 4G you are really holding this application back. I understand your concern for data usage, but with so many people on unlimited plans you really have no excuses why not to allow 4G connection. Espec