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PicsArt Photo Studio 11.6


Последняя версия: 11.6
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PicsArt Photo Studio is an easy-to-use, fun, yet robust photo editing app that should cover all consumer mobile photography editing requirements. This versatile image editor offers great amount of creative control and an impressive range of attractive filters. Loads of Features
The app helps you be at your creative best. For instance, you can create or select fun stickers quickly or merge your photos into extremely customizable collages. The fully-equipped camera module comprises photo tools and precapture effects. And with the Remix feature being added to the mix, the app also facilitates collaborative photo sharing.Getting used to the app, especially the buttons and controls-laden home page, could be a bit difficult initially. However, once you get familiar, things should fall into place and not look overwhelming anymore. Also, the official website has some great assistance to offer in this regard. Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); }); Works for Both Novices and Professionals
PicsArt’s image editing module is quite comprehensive, especially when you consider it’s designed to cater to the general market and not professional photographers. The easy-to-comprehend, clean photo editing provides savvy users good amount of creative control, which includes being able to apply effects onto chosen areas of an image.The Magic Effects filters are quite fun to play. They help apply different artistic styles to images. You may even erase the effects, creating a blend of the filter and original image, in addition to using the several edit commands and tools to customize the end image.
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