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Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.9.7


Последняя версия: 1.9.7
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Plants vs. Plants vs. Zombies HD Zombies HD is a fun iPad game in which the object is to drive the undead off your garden.
Plants vs. Zombies has reinvented the tired Tower Defense genre on the desktop and iPhone and now you can play it on your iPad. Plants vs. Zombies HD is essentially the same game as it is on the iPhone, but it looks so much better on the big screen.
The colorful graphics are bright and detailed, and the animation is much smoother than the iPhone version. On the phone-based version, the game often lags when many zombies were on screen at once. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the slick Plants vs. Zombies HD.
The gameplay in Plants for Plants vs. Zombies HD apk download vs. Zombies HD is almost exactly the same as the original. This means cultivating plants that act as weapons against the invading hoards of ghouls. As the zombies become more resourceful and potent, so you need to up your gardening game by planting the right kind of fauna to wipe them out.
Plants vs. Zombies HD features more than 50 levels of fun, and includes some hilarious bonus levels, featuring the aptly-named Crazy Dave.
If you already have the iPhone version, don't expect anything radically new from Plants vs. Zombies HD in terms of gameplay. Thanks to the superior graphics and sound though, it's an altogether more horrifying experience! Changes Full HD support for the new iPad
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