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Android SDK 22.2.1


Последняя версия: 22.2.1
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Android SDK   Описание

Google is aiming to create a shake-up in mobile phone operating systems with the launch of its Android platform. Android SDK Designed to be completely open and free for developers, the API could change the way mobile phone software is used, making all applications equal and combining phone-based data with web tools.
The Android SDK gives mobile software developers the chance to play around with the new platform. It contains everything you need to start building applications, as well as a fully functional device emulator for testing them out when you've finished.
Even non-developers can try out the emulator, as it's easy to set up and run (it does take a while to load up, mind you). There is a choice of phone skins and resolutions to tinker with too. After fiddling around for a bit with the OS I must say I'm pretty impressed. Its integration with Google Maps is seamless and only shows to highlight the potential for development of apps that blur the boundaries between phone and web-based software.
Installing software onto the emulator isn't easy and you need to fiddle around with code in order to do so. Although, there's plenty of documentation available online to help you for Android SDK apk download get the most from the SDK, this is still really only something mobile developers will get much use out of, rather than just those curious about how Android applications will look.
Overall though, Android SDK provides a fast and reliable development environment for those looking towards the next era of mobile software. Changes Settings.System includes various new settings for storing wi-fi states Camera includes a new interface Camera.ShutterCallback for receiving notification that the shutter closed after taking a picture Several new fields were added in SensorManager ItemizedOverlay adds new methods for managing overlays Class MyLocationOverlay adds new methods to determine whether compass is displayed on the MapView and to receive notification of sensor accuracy change New methods for loading and unloading sound effects in AudioManager Class MediaMetadataRetriever is not supported in this release Method is not supported in this release includes new classes for keeping the wi-fi radio awake and recognizing pairwise cyphers for WPA. Several changes to fields and methods in other classes org.apache.http.impl included in the platform
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