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PokEvolver - Pokemon Go Trainers Toolkit- evolution calculator, pokemon location MAP coordinates, gym battle simulator, IV calculator

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iTools is a free Apache server control panel and suite of tools. As the name implies, it is made for Mac OS X, and per the developers, aims to "[combine] the rock-solid reliability of Apache 2 with the ease of use of Macintosh". Once loaded on a server, it provides a GUI for many common tasks. It is designed for use by web hosts but can be set up for and used by anyone who needs an Apache server , like an independent webmaster. Simplified remote administration
One of the main perks of a control panel is that you can remotely administer an Apache server without being at the machine where it's run. This is possible with Apache itself, of course: many tools such as SSH exist to allow a user to do so. But a control panel provides the same functionality in an easier-to-swallow pill. With iTools, a user can manage their domain names, set tasks to be performed regularly (cron jobs), or set up file transfer servers . It does have some flaws common to most control panels: since you can log in via a web browser, it is vulnerable to theft of one's username and password, and an Apache server without a control panel will often be a bit more secure (and is easier to secure in general). However, for most use cases this is not a large concern, and this particular piece of software is about as secure as can reasonably be expected . Easy and extensible, with caveats
iTools is very easy to use for someone who already has a background in Apache server management, or has taken the time to research it. However, it does not include a great deal of help with its functions : it is best if you already know what a name server and DNS are, what SSL and MySQL mean, and so forth. Installing it alone can be difficult for a new webmaster, although this is not an issue if your webmaster provides it to you. Past this learning curve, however, it does provide the ease of use it promises. Its interface is well-organized without being flashy, and blends in well with other Mac software of its era. It also integrates with many other popular pieces of web software, particularly in terms of PHP compatibility, such as phpBB3, PHP-Nuke and phpMyAdmin. This makes it quite extensible. Use It If You Need Itc
Overall, iTools does what it sets out to do. It is a web control panel for Apache, well-designed and easily usable if not sleek, and it hits all of the right notes for a web master looking for a control panel. Compared just to other native Mac OS X software, where Apache control panel options are more limited, it fares even better. If you need an Apache control panel, it may be for you.
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