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Football Manager 2018 is the latest instalment of the popular manger simulator. Take charge of an existing or custom team and lead the to victory. Return to the pitch
For this year's version, the primary changes are within the UI and some additional details tabs. Football Manager 2018, like all of the versions within the series, does not stray far from the wining formula. No perceivable upgrades to graphics or engine are apparent, and beyond the database, only minor changes have been implemented. While this isn't a negative considered the huge cult support the game regularly receives, some may find this an irritation. New tabs within the menu include an overview of player morale within Dynamics, greater attention to medical status within Sports Science and slight changes to how transfer costs are applied. The team behind Football Manager 2018 seem to have tracked how players customise their UI and have applied the most popular choices as the base layout. Overall, the game is guaranteed to appeal to its hardcore base despite a general lack of real updates. Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); }); Not broken, don't fix
Football Manager 2018 features a small few tweaks which are fairly positive. While it will not win over any new fans, regular fans should be satisfied.
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