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Aika is a mythical role-playing game which allows players to complete challenging quests in order to ascend to higher levels. Aika One of the main goals of this platform is to acquire a character known as a 'Pran'. These are mythical fairy-like creatures endowed with special powers. Once this avatar has been achieved, it is possible to unlock further levels. Many of the characters are based off of anime designs, so fans of this genre will not be disappointed. Plot and Gameplay
Not only will players have to do battle with one another, but they will also be required to build up resistance against elements such as for Aika apk download water, fire and air. Skills can be purchased along the way and these may be swapped at any time depending upon the situation. It is also possible to customize a Pran based off of personality, clothing and hair. Interactive maps will help to guide the player during his or her quests. Unique Options
Aika can be played offline as opposed to requiring a broadband Internet connection. There are two separate downloads; each of these associated with specific stages of the game. While free to install, there are other speciality items which can be purchased by accessing a virtual 'mall' (this requires an Internet connection). Лучшие веб-приложения на Aika Онлайн.

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    Advantages: Offline gameplay is possible with Aika., Each character is highly customizable and can be imbued with unique traits.

    Disadvantages: This game is mainly designed for a younger age group., There is not as much action present when compared with other RPGs.