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Cybercriminals are very common these days, so it’s incredibly important that users know how to protect themselves when they are browsing online. One of the easiest ways to make sure you are protected is to get a VPN or virtual private network. ProtonVPN is a VPN developed by the same team who developed the secure email client ProtonMail . Does it offer the same level of security as its more popular email client counterpart?
ProtonVPN’s story actually begins with the aforementioned ProtonMail. ProtonMail is an encrypted email client first launched in 2014 at CERN. The email service is known for its great delivery of high-end security and privacy to its users. In order to take security to the next level, the developers decided to launch ProtonVPN.
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At its core, ProtonVPN is all about security, and many of the VPN’s features are geared towards it. As such, users can expect strong encryption for a highly secure Internet connection. ProtonVPN also makes sure that they only use highly secure VPN protocols such as IKEv2/IPSec. Even though there are other protocols that are more cost-effective to operate, ProtonVPN will only use the best protocols to ensure that no risks will be taken regarding its user’s security. It also has a powerful Kill Switch feature which stops all network traffic when ProtonVPN gets disconnected to prevent any leaks in data and information from occurring.
For users concerned with issues about spying, ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland which means it cannot be forced to spy on its users. Its core servers are also physically protected in all of its locations. Anonymity is also highly valued by the VPN. Users can sign up for the service using an anonymous ProtonMail account. It has a No Logs Policy that prevents the VPN from logging user data and disclosing it to third-party services.
ProtonVPN has both free and paid plans. The features of each plan are pretty much the same. How many of these features you can access depends on how expensive the plan you got. The free plan is, obviously, the most limited. You can only connect to three countries, use one device, and browse in medium speed. If you subscribe to the Visionary plan , however, you’ll be able to connect to all countries . You can also get high-speed connections for up to ten devices. Peer-to-peer sharing is also possible with any of the paid plans, but not with the free plan.
Sure and Secure
If you’re looking for a truly secure VPN, then ProtonVPN may be the one you’re looking for. It's a beginner-friendly VPN that anyone can install to their device. With its gorgeous interface and uncomplicated usage, you can get to work at once. It might be worth investing in the paid plans, especially if you use peer-to-peer sharing. All in all, it’s a worthwhile VPN that will keep you secure.

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